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Otar Janelidze, New and Contemporary History of Georgia, in georgian, Tbilisi, 2009

The book contains history of Georgia since the dawn of XIX century till the period including Russian-Georgian War of 2008. It is designed for students of other professions, history teachers and anyone interested in the past of Georgia.

The distinctive feature of the book is that it describes the life of the Georgian people in complex, continuously and consecutively. The spotlight is directed on social and political reality of the country. The work analyzes negative and positive outcomes of Russian authorities’ activities in Georgia in 1801-1917; internal and external policy of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, post-Soviet achievements; challenges of Sovereign and democratic statehood on its way towards progress and other issues. The author leaves neither economics nor culture and other fields without proper notice.

Nodar Asatiani. Otar Janelidze. History of Georgia. Tbilisi, 2009

The book is mainly designed for foreign readers. This work is generalizing the past of our country and gives complex discussion of Georgian history since the ancient times including the Russian-Georgian War of 2008. The following work is written in complete accordance with contemporary requirements of historical science.

“History of Georgia” consecutively outlines problems in social-political, economic and cultural development of every epoch during Georgian history. The better part of the work is devoted to new and contemporary problems, revealing Soviet and post-Communist reality, it is conditioned by the intense interest the foreigners reveal towards these issues.
The book is illustrated with attentively selected photos and colored maps in English specially drawn up for this work by Manana Shekiladze.

“Guide-book for History Amateurs” By Ketevan Ramishvili, in georgian, Tbilisi, 2010

“Guide-book for History Amateurs” is designed for the youth interested in Georgian History, especially in Numismatics and Bonistics,  Heraldry, Sphragistics and Military Arts.

The books contains illustrated explanatory dictionary of Numismatics and Bonistics, creation history of the first Georgian Numismatic catalogue, materials on money emission in Georgia; general principles of Heraldry  and Sphragistics; short history of Georgian military affairs. Besides, it gives plentiful examples of high morality of Georgian military leaders and warriors, their devotion, bravery and brilliant competence.

History of Georgia. George Kiknadze, Tb., ”Zena”, 2010

The reading book - ”History of Georgia” is first of all for school students of 10-15 years as an additional materials. It’s a version of author to tell to students short, informational material about the past of our country.

The cover page is very nice, also, there are many illustrations and specially created for this age- maps.

It’s a first volume and in coming months there would be published the second one.


How We Lived Together in the 20th Century in Georgia.
29 Worksheets for Interactive History Teaching.

Teaching material has been prepared in the framework of the project
«Tolerance Building through History Education»

The project has been financially supported by the Matra Social Transformation Programme for Central and Eastern Europe of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

EUROCLIO/MATRA Project 2008/2011



This book seeks to tell you how we, with differing ethnic and religious backgrounds have lived together in the 20th century in our home country Georgia. This book will encourage you to think how important historical events from the previous century reflected in our shared lives. You may also probably ponder why people with different ethnic and religious identities considered themselves part of our society and what have made them feel marginalized? How did the ethnic and religious minorities manage to preserve their identities? What has encouraged or hindered this process? What was the input of the minorities in the Georgian history of the 20th century?

To comprehend these questions the book offers you variety of sources which are grouped around the four groups – Multiethnic Georgia, Family and Everyday Life, Migration, and Religion. By getting to know these themes you may feel closer to the people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. While reading the book you will see how ethnic and religious diversity enriches our country. Peaceful coexistence, understanding, mutual respect and insights into other cultures, traditions, and values are starting point of a country’s successful development.

Every worksheet has a key and an overall question, as well as the wide range of sources and tasks. The key question helps to identify the main idea of the worksheet and the overall question initiates discussion and conclusions. The various sources often suggest multiple perspectives. The tasks will encourage you to take your own approach to the issues.

Many people were involved in creating this book. The authors with different ethic and religious backgrounds shared the same intention. It is our hope that the book will encourage you to respect the fellow citizens of Georgia with different nationalities.

Natela Tukhareli, Publisher
Mavra Bantsuri, Design and Computer work
Georgian Association of History Educators (GAHE/IMSA)
ISBN 978-9941-0-3633-0

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