On March 14, 2014 it was held the joint event by the Agency of Cultural Heritage Preservation and the Georgian Association of History Educators.

The meeting was opened by Vano Vashakmadze, the deputy of director of Agency, who talked about the prolonged and fruitful cooperation of these two organizations. After this, the Director of Agency - Nikoloz Antidze made the speech for the audience of teachers, and also GAHE’s president - Nana Tsikhistavi as well. There was put the memorandum of cooperation between these two organizations.

Dato Cheishvili, the member of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency made the presentation about the educational programs. Maka Taktakishvili presented for teachers very interesting information about the contemporary situation of cultural memorials. Nika Chaduneli talked about the future projects: "Experimental Archeology".

At the end of the meeting, there was a very nice ceremony of reward about 70 history teachers by the authorities of Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency and GAHE with certificates and publications of Agency.

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